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Why join your local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association?

Updated: Jun 28

I am a member of numerous Business and Trade Associations. The Jefferson Chamber, The New Orleans Chamber, The Kenner Business Association, The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Elmwood Business Association as well as many, many others.

Joining one can offer numerous advantages for businesses and professionals. Here are my key reasons to consider membership:

1. Networking Opportunities

  • Connections: Meet and build relationships with other local businesses, potential clients, and partners.

  • Events: Attend networking events, mixers, and business expos to connect with peers and industry leaders.

2. Increased Visibility

  • Business Listings: Gain exposure through the Chamber's website, directories, and publications.

  • Sponsorship: Opportunities to sponsor events or advertise through the organizations can increase your brand's visibility.

3. Credibility and Trust

  • Reputation: Membership can enhance your business’s credibility as it shows a commitment to the community and best practices.

  • Referrals: Chambers often refer members' businesses to those seeking services in the area.

4. Advocacy

  • Representation: These organizations advocate for business interests at local, state, and national levels, influencing policies and regulations that affect your business.

  • Voice: Gain a platform to voice concerns and influence community and business policy decisions.

5. Educational Resources

  • Workshops and Seminars: Access to training sessions, workshops, and seminars on various business topics like marketing, finance, and legal issues.

  • Expertise: Learn from industry experts and get practical advice to help grow and manage your business.

6. Economic Development

  • Growth Support: Chambers often work on initiatives to attract new businesses and tourists, creating a more vibrant local economy.

  • Resources: Access to research, reports, and economic data that can inform your business strategies.

7. Discounts and Savings

  • Member Discounts: Save on products and services through exclusive member-to-member discounts.

  • Bulk Purchasing: Benefit from collective buying power for supplies and services.

8. Community Involvement

  • Engagement: Participate in community service projects and initiatives that enhance your company’s image and give back to the community.

  • Events: Engage in local events, festivals, and fairs, often organized or supported by the Chamber.

9. Exclusive Access

  • Programs: Access to member-only programs, resources, and opportunities such as business incubators or mentorship programs. And seriously, who doesn't like to attend a Crawfish Boil with friends!

  • Information: Stay informed about local business trends, economic forecasts, and legislative updates.

10. Professional Development

  • Leadership Roles: Opportunities to take on leadership roles enhancing your skills and business profile.

  • Mentorship: Find mentors or mentees within the business community for mutual growth and learning.

11. Marketing Opportunities

  • Promotion: Promote your business through the organizations channels, such as newsletters, social media, and events.

  • Recognition: Gain awards and recognition through member programs, boosting your business’s prestige.

12. Business Resources and Support

  • Advisory Services: Access to business advisory services, legal advice, and business planning support.

  • Problem Solving: Assistance with navigating regulatory challenges, permits, and other business-related issues.

How to Maximize Membership:

  1. Get Involved: Participate in events, join committees, and volunteer for initiatives.

  2. Leverage Resources: Utilize the educational resources and business services available.

  3. Network Actively: Build relationships with fellow members and follow up on connections.

  4. Promote Your Business: Take advantage of marketing and sponsorship opportunities.


Joining a Chamber of Commerce or Business Association provides valuable opportunities for growth, learning, and community involvement, making it a worthwhile investment for any business or professional looking to expand their influence and success.

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