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Is your school interested in working with MillerFoto.  Contact Kirsten Miller today.
(504) 467-0230

Welcome Dance School Owners

This private page is just for you - Your families go here. 

This page is part of our Safe Protocol. Instead of calling on you a number of times in person, now we provide Videos and Downloadable brochures.

This gives you the opportunity to learn as much about how different and revolutionary our picture day process is and the reason why your families will love

you for switching to MillerFoto.  Then we can set up an in person, live demonstration of our system.  You will be impressed.

Download a sample of our Pricing and Products brochure. 

Prints as low as $12.50 each.


This is our Main Video. It describes our whole Picture Day process including our Revolutionary View First portrait taking system. 

Get ready to be amazed!

download dance photography brochure.jpg

Our Fundraising and Incentive options are explained in this video.

Dance school fundraising.jpg

WOW - wait until you see this amazing process with a live demonstration of our system that shows where Mom receives the photos within minutes.

schedule a live demonstration.jpg

Our Dance Revue photography is also updated using the same process. No money up front, families can see the photos before they purchase.

dance revue flyer.jpg

Want an easier, more profitable Dance Book. We have the solution.

download dance book brochure.jpg
download game changing picture day dance
Download How View First For Dance Flyer.
download fast 24 hours.jpg
Download Dance Free For Teachers.jpg
download touchless dance picture day fly
hassle free dance picture day flyer.jpg
download dance picture day sign.jpg
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