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Home of Legendary New Orleans 70s & 80's DJ/VJ
Eric "Doctor Disco" Miller
Specializing in 70's and 80's Disco, Funk and Dance Music

Photo: Zack Luther

Lazy Eye Photography

Having a 70s or 80s School Reunion?
Disco or 70's Themed Party?
Then I'm your DJ! I have DJd HUNDREDS of Corporate and private parties.

Rates are simple 
If you provide the PA - $1,500/3 hours, $250/extra hour

(Places like Southport Hall where I can plug into their PA System)

If I supply the PA System for up to 250 Guest
Rate is $2,000/3 hours, $350/extra hour

Call Eric to book your date - Popular Holidays and Mardi Gras dates book fast.
504-270-7822  or email:

A professional DJ Entertainer and Music Programmer..

Entertaining Since 1972

Recognized by Billboard Magazine

Official DJ of the 1984 Worlds Fair @ Jeds Lookout
Nominated DJ of the Year (nationally) 1978
New Orleans DJ of the Year 1985

In 1975 the very FIRST MOBILE DJ company in the New Orleans area.

Eric (on left) shown here with Victor and Steve.

Eric is still entertaining today.

With over 40 years of experience,
Eric programs Music to your event. 
While Disco is my specialty,
I program any music from the 60's through today.
Photos from recent events
Eric is a Headline,
Prime Time DJ that will leave your guest
saying WOW !
(Photo Left)
Krewe of Oak 2014 -
Eric Entertaining over 5,000 people with his
Disco and 
Dance Music mixing.
Check out some of the fun over the years
mcallisters eric-022
mcallisters toga-004 eric
mcallisters toga-009
mcallisters halloween-007 eric
mcallisters halloween-005
mcallisters eric-041
mcallisters eric-014
mcallisters pj-contest-004
mcallisters pj-contest-006
mcallisters maneater-001
mcallisters bud-000 eric dino
mcallisters clydesdale-009 eric yvonne

I DJed at New Orleans most popular clubs including

McAllisters Quarter (Fat City)
4141 (St. Charles Avenue),

Club Galleria West,

The Civic Theater Disco (Downtown),
The Front Page (Fat City),

Night Fever (Fat City), 

Gatsby's (Westbank) 

I was also the Official DJ at Jed's LookOut

during the 1984 Worlds Fair.

I was also voted DJ of the year in

1985 by a group of my fellow DJ's.





Where it all Started


Eric's love of Sound Systems and Music started at a very early 
age. At the age of 10, I was taking apart my Mom and Dads 
stereos. By the age of 12, I was able to reassemble them.  My 
first receiver was a Sanyo 4 Channel Quadraphonic System. I set 
up the front room as a studio. (My parents weren't happy about 
that!) The speakers sucked so I Built my own speakers from 
components bought at Radio Shack.  I can still remember the first 
speaker box I built.

How did I get the name "Doctor Disco"

Somewhere in 1977 Donna Summer had Lunch with a 
number of New Orleans Club DJ's. Me, Al Paez, Ray 
Walters, Henry Augustus, RAK, Willy "Wild Willy" Ladner, 
Rusty Abney and a few more I can't remember.  


Everyone was introducing themselves to Donna and Wild Willy was 
right before me..


Donna asked me my name, and I said Eric - Just Eric, I don't have a DJ name like Wild Willy.  She said something to the effect of, how about Doc. 
Doctor Disco.. and the rest is history!!!

Donna Summer

Article about how Club DJ's are changing the record industry.... 1979

DJ mixing at its most amazing has a subliminal effect on people's minds, and the best of the best like Eric "Doctor Disco" Miller in New Orleans, Louisiana is one who presents a seamless flow where transitions are not obvious, which unlike radio, suspends judgment on songs and instead creates an atmosphere 
that promotes crowd unity. His masterful transitions match those of any club DJ in New York, San Francisco or LA. It's time record companies recognize the impact club DJ's have on the record industry...  

Billboard Magazine - Disco top 100 - 1979

The gist of the article - It was about how Club DJ's are selling records, even in small clubs... I was one of about 20 small club DJ's highlighted in the article... They were emphasizing that's it's not just Jellybean Benetiz, Richie 
Kaczor & Nicky Saino (Studio 54), Larry Levan (Paradise Garage), Mark Kamins (Danceteria), Steve Fabus (I-Beam San Fran), etc.. but DJ's in smaller clubs all across the country...

My Connection to KC and the Sunshine Band


In 1973, At the age of 14, I worked for a company called 
KOEHN Electronics on Laurel Street. Terry (the owner) was 
so good at building Mixing Consoles that TK Records hired 
him to build a custom mixer for their new studio in Halliela 
Florida. We all went to Florida to install the mixer at the 
studio where K.C and the Sunshine Band recorded it's first 


I help build the Mixing Console that KC recorded his multi platinum Disco Hits on like Shake, Shake Your Booty.

Having a 70s or 80s School Reunion?

Disco or 70's Themed Party?

Then I'm your DJ!

Call Eric to book your date - Popular Holidays and Mardi Gras book fast.
504-270-7822  or email:

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