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LinkedIn Headshots – Why are they so important? Quick Tips for the perfect Headshot.

Updated: Jul 1


First Impressions DO MATTER!

Photo - Cintas New Orleans Sales Team ©Eric Miller/MillerFoto

Many professionals use LinkedIn as a place to connect with other people in the same industry. Keeping your job title, major responsibilities, accomplishments, skill sets, recent completed projects, etc. updated can help other individuals find you.

These kinds of connections could actually help you level up at your own company. When your next review came around, you could discuss these valuable relationships and what came of them.

Because of these relationships, you may also learn of job opportunities you may not have considered before. Even if you felt like you were already in your dream job, you might learn of something else that would be even more interesting.

Keeping your headshot updated may seem silly, but you’d be surprised how often people will see your profile and then recognize you at industry events. If your headshot isn’t updated, then you may miss out on other networking opportunities in person.

Further, your LinkedIn headshot should always project professionalism. While a photo of you coaching your son’s little league baseball team may be perfect for Facebook, LinkedIn is a social media website for business professionals. You don’t want to portray yourself as “casual,”not serious,” or “fun.” Those might be your personal values, but they wouldn’t convey the right message to fellow industry professionals, your current coworkers and bosses, and field recruiters.

Make sure to update all of the verbiage about your job and skill sets.

Add in any new accomplishments, such as completed projects and all of the related stats.

If there are any write-ups or press mentions, those are easy to add to. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that you might be “bragging,” click to the facts. Those will speak for themselves.

Photo - Cintas New Orleans Sales Team ©Eric Miller/MillerFoto

Conclusion - Update your LinkedIn headshot.

Having no photo makes your profile look like it’s not real. Having one that’s outdated will hurt you with any potential connections you might meet in the real world. Plus outdated photos often look outdated (your outfit and hairstyle may clearly be from decades ago), which means that the information on your profile would be called into question too. A professional headshot really is in your best interest as your LinkedIn profile may be the very first way someone is introduced to you. Clear and professional is how you want to appear because first impressions do matter!

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