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We take Federal Copyright infringement VERY SERIOUS. Typical damages are $10,000 per image plus court cost and attorney's fees.  DON'T DO IT because YOU will pay, not MillerFoto. By submitting this (Photo, Logo, File, Etc "Photo") you agree that you are the lawful copyright owner or you are in possession of a copyright or print release form the original owner/photographer.  Just because you bought a package of photos from a photographer does NOT give you permission to copy or reproduce them. Likewise, just because you go to a School or play in a sports league DOES NOT give you permission to use any logos.   You MUST have received a written Release and you must supply us a copy before we can produce any products with the file you submit.  You agree to accept any and all Liability and will defend, at your cost (including Attorney Fees and Court Cost) any suits brought on by others in any Copyright suits and you will hold harmless MillerFoto and or any of it's agents and will defend at your cost any copyright infringement claims brought against us.

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