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Top 5 Questions

1) Our system is 100% On line.  No Envelopes will be sent home. 

2) You will receive the Link to view and order photos through the Email address you registered with.

3) You do not Have to Pre-Pay and do not send any money to the school.

Now you get to see the photos before you buy them.

4) All packages are mailed directly to the Home.      

5) How much are packages? Click here for the Flyer.

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New Orleans Area

Photos can be scheduled in our Studio located in Metairie near Zephyrs Stadium.

No money Up Front or min. student count. Or we can come to your Church/Gym. There is $20 Min. and 15 students.

Outside of the New Orleans Area

We typically work with the local organization to use a Church Meeting Room or Gym.

We do have a Minimum purchase of $20/student and a Minimum

Student Count of 15

Contact Eric Miller to

schedule your group.


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