The Best Yearbook Program for your school

Compare our Yearbooks to your current supplier and we believe you will be shocked at how much better the process can be. How much cheaper your books can be. 

No Deadlines, submit your completed book when you are ready. On your schedule. 

We Guarantee your books will ship in 7 days or less.

No Minimum book buy. You don't have to buy extras just in case.

We allow a single book order after the main books have been delivered.

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This video explains all the features and benefits of partnering with MillerFoto for your schools yearbook.

Why Your School Should Partner with Mill

Tour our printing plant where over 6 Million Yearbooks for 20,000 schools in the past 5 years.

Tour The Massive Printing Plant
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Yearbook Advisers. Do you have a question. Ask Yearbook Angela.

Even if MillerFoto isn't your Yearbook supplier, send her an email

with any questions you may have.

Angela has over 30 years experience with designing and laying out yearbooks.  Graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with BS in general studies, Minor in English and studied Journalism Education.  She is also a former teacher. She has spoken at state, regional and national yearbook workshops. Currently she the New Business Development and Yearbook sales coach for Studio Source Yearbooks and our rep here at MillerFoto.