WELCOME to The temporary home of The Lab At MillerFoto.

This is the new home of Primary Photo Lab.
(Primary Digital Color / Primary Color Lab)
We have merged with our sister company to make one great company.

While we complete the new Web Site our contact information is:
The Lab at MillerFoto, 931 Hickory Avenue, Harahan, LA 70123

(504) 467-0230 Office  -  (504) 466-2673 Fax
Welcome to the LAB at MillerFoto

For almost 2 decades MillerFoto has produced almost half a million awesome images. In February of
2014 we purchased the assets of Primary Color Lab. Primary, a 56 year old company was an early
pioneer in the lab business and had served professional photographers since 1958. In september
2014 we merged the Lab with our photography business and created the Lab @ MillerFoto.

As a small boutique lab, MillerFoto offers a level of service that can’t be matched by the big national
labs. Our pricing is fair and competitive, but if you are looking for the cheapest price, we may not be
the Lab for you.  We stress Quality. Our reputation, as well as our photographer’s reputations,
depends on the products we produce.

Since February 2014 we have invested over $200k. New printers, software and computers,
rebuilding the whole lab to make it truly State of the Art. In September 2014 we also invested in a
custom version of the on-line ordering software,
Roes. We provide free templates and 24-Hour
access so you can order when it’s convenient.

Our lay flat panoramic albums are custom hand crafted giving us unfettered Quality Control and
guaranteed fast turnaround. We also offer complete custom album design services.

My wife Yvonne and I have brought our eye for quality and demand for delivering products on-time
to the Lab business. As a working professional photographer I know what other photographers are
looking for and we plan on delivering it.

When you are looking for a lab remember to “Keep It Local Ya’ll!®

Eric and Yvonne Miller,
Owners   (504) 270-7822 Cell